Niko HeikkiläOi there, mate!

I’m a pre-middle-aged (or on my late 20s) bloke working as a software engineer and games critic which are only few — albeit important — parts of my persona. I was born in Western Finland from where I moved to Central Finland.

Previously I was working as a technical help desk but decided to quit that job and seek something better. Turned out job opportunities were quite rare to be found so I chose to upgrade my education and applied for university M.Sc. degree in Games and Gamefulness — that’s research and development of digital games.

Meanwhile, I kickstarted a media website and association along with couple of mates where I write criticism about digital games and play culture in Finnish. It’s mostly fun and rewarding, but I can’t recommend it to anyone with hot temper. Audience can be very tacky at times.

In tight situations I usually ask myself, what would Don Draper do. Alas, Don Draper would more than often guide me to mischievous ways.

Since I’m an active and enthusiastic tweeter, ask me anything on Twitter if it’s a prompt response you need. Resume for professionally oriented minds is on LinkedIn.

I try to avoid defining myself further, as people usually are very different from what they believe they are. Moreover, I find this quote by an eccentric mystic G.I. Gurdjieff very precise when defining oneself.

It is the greatest mistake to think that man is always one and the same. A man is never the same for long. He is continually changing. He seldom remains the same even for half an hour.

Spotify recommendations portray my music taste quite accurately. Listen to them below or head over to my page.